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Beijing 2008 Olympics

Beijing 2008 Olympics | Beijing, China


IFG Role:

Phil Couture of IFG was selected as one of two international panelists by the Development and Planning Commission of the Beijing Municipal Government to prequalify and shortlist developers to finance, construct and operate two new 2008 Olympic Facilities: the Wukesong Cultural Center a  $375 million dollar, 2.4 million square foot mixed-use development including a 20,000 seat arena, activity center, and commercial facilities and the National Swimming Center a $75 million dollar, 540,000 square foot complex which included 17,000 fixed and permanent seats and was utilized for Olympic swimming events.
Client: Beijing Municipal Government
Description: The Wukesong Cultural Center was a large-scale comprehensive project, rare in Beijing in integrating cultural and sporting functions and commercial purposes with large-scale gardens and green space.
Builder: Beijing Wukesong Cultural & Sports Co. Ltd. whose five shareholders are Zhongguancun CENCONS Group, Haidian State-owned Assets Investment Co. Ltd, Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltd, Beijing Urban Construction Co. Ltd and the Tianhong Group.
Project Cost: $450 million
Completion: January 2008