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The last two decades have seen a dramatic number of new sports facilities developed across the country. In 1987 working with the Illinois Sports Facility Authority to finance and develop a new baseball stadium for the Chicago White Sox, International Facilities Group (IFG) personnel were at the inception of the new wave of sports facilities development. This project was the first new baseball-specific facility developed in the United States since the early 1970’s. 

In completing the White Sox project, IFG personnel gained enormous first-hand experience in sports facility development and management.This experience was put to good use managing the development of the new United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks. United Center opened in August of 1994 on time and under budget and is still considered one of the preeminent successes in the arena development and operations in this country. 

The completion of these two projects inspired the formation of International Facilities Group, L.L.C. to provide  those development and management services to municipalities and professional sports owners, helping to ensure that their projects are successful in all aspects of development and operations and a source of pride to their communities.Since its formation, IFG has used it position as a leader in the sports development industry to attract top talent from the worlds of sports and real estate development to create the core company. IFG and our personnel are wholly focused on achieving our clients’ visions while maintaining our commitment to: 

  • Complete our projects on time and on budget
  • Pursue innovative and value-added solutions for our clients
  • Integrate seamlessly with our client’ staff
  • Maintain long term relationship with our clients
  • Seek new employees of vision, imagination and integrity