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Design Administration

Development projects require significant documentation. For this reason, IFG reviews the project scope, plans and specifications and verifies with architects and engineers that they have accounted for all necessary components.

While design development is underway, IFG helps the owner evaluate potential construction management firms or general contractors and weighs delivery options for the most cost-effective completion of the project. We prepare RFPs, conduct interviews, lead the selection process, prepare form contracts defining key services and responsibilities, and conduct construction contract negotiations.

During the design phase, IFG monitors and oversees:

  • Compliance with the owner's desired project milestones
  • Site preparation; environmental and remedial activities
  • Timely completion of roads and utilities by the local government
  • Targeted and local business participation
  • Contract preparation for certain subcontractors and special equipment purchases  
  • Constructability reviews identifying ways to improve schedule and quality
  • Value engineering opportunities