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Stockton Thunder (ECHL)

IFG Member Michael Reinsdorf is the former owner of the ECHL Stockton Thunder and was actively involved in all aspects of running the franchise.

The Thunder began play in the Stockton Arena in December 2005; they led the East Coast Hockey League ( in total/paid attendance averaging over 6,300 per game (36 dates) and leads the league in paid attendance again this season YTD (5,379 per game while the league average is 2,775) and is second in the league in new season tickets sold (over 800 additional) and group tickets sold per game (averaging 811 per game YTD). Every season since opening, the Thunder has led the league in attendance.

Additionally, the team has also sold over $1 Million in advertising and sponsorship income in the venue, which is more than twice the league norm.